Business Continuity

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Across the globe, and with increasing intensity over the past two or three decades, organizations of all sizes, in all industries and occupations, have become increasingly dependent on both the data their organization creates, and the ever more intricate IT infrastructure and applications necessary to create, analyze, manage, and store the data.

Whether it’s online banking, or insurance, medical, or government document imaging, or airline and other transportation reservation data, or financial databases, Web sites, or other computing systems, the fortunes – the very business life or death — of organizations (and, in many cases, of individuals)are inextricably linked to the continuous availability of data, applications, services, and systems. This is true if the infrastructure, applications, and data in question reside on huge IBM mainframes or on individual laptop or tablet computers. Statistics from around the globe tell us that the exposure, business, and even personal impact due to an outage, a loss, or a disaster are only a matter of scale – and time.

Unfortunately, IT resources (servers, storage, laptops, and tablets) face an amazing variety of risks ranging from natural disasters (hurricanes, for example) to outright hardware failure, to power outages, communication outages, hacking, and even theft. Even something as simple as a child spilling a glass of milk onto a CFO or CEO’s laptop computer can change the course of the company.

Most executives focus on natural disasters such as hurricanes and, of course, that is important. However, IT leaders recognize that a disaster or key outage can be any event that prevents a business from accessing the data and systems it needs to operate. If that CFO loses his laptop to a spilled glass of milk, or to theft at the airport security line – it could compromise the entire organization. Database server failure? Without a high availability plan for the applications and data that server produced, an organization could be facing financial, and in some cases legal, nightmares.

At Tegra, we know the impact outages and disasters of all sizes and composition can have on organizations big and small. We are experts in Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity. We’ve even developed a program to systematically evaluate business and individual disaster and outage readiness and capabilities, plan for those disasters and outages, reduce the risks associated with them, and even calculate the possible costs of those outages to you or your organization.

We do all that with Tegra’s Encompass Recovery (ER) program. ER covers it all: from detailed Business Impact Analysis, to end-to-end Disaster Recovery & Endpoint Protection strategies and plans, to laptop or server Backup/Recovery and High Availability. If it concerns computer outage or loss, Tegra’s ER program is designed to work for you.

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