Saving your data is important. For businesses, individuals, and families. Think of all the important files, data, pictures, music, and other material you have stored on laptops, desktops, servers and other computers at work and at home. Safeguarding that information — and doing that in an easy, painless manner that’s so simple to use anyone can do it — is what tegraVAULT is all about.

tegraVAULT eliminates the tedious work involved in backing-up your valuable data. No more tapes or other removable media. No need for space to store physical copies of back-ups. No additional hardware or software to buy. Just your servers, desktops, laptops (Windows and Apple) and tegraVAULT. It’s that easy.

But it gets better. tegraVAULT is automatic, no need to remember to back up your files, tegraVAULT does it for you. And we’re talking unlimited online backup, too – not the restricted, limited storage some companies offer. With tegraVAULT, you will never run out of storage space. Guaranteed.

tegraVAULT is available for individuals and families and for organizations of all sizes.

  • For individuals and families, our TegraVault Solo and POD Plus offerings give complete peace-of-mind and cloud-based data/file backup. Seamlessly. Automatically. 24x7x365.
  • tegraVAULT for Business also comes in two versions: Select, for less than three (3) business users and Premium for organizations with larger needs. Protect your organization’s vital data and files simply, easily, efficiently and at a price that can’t be beat.

So why wait? You know you need to be regularly and securely saving the information and content on your computers, at home and at work, so why not start today, with tegraVAULT.