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Between lines-of-business and I.T. At Tegra, we enjoy working side-by-side with you to drive organizational and technology solutions, initiatives, and projects. It’s what motivates us. You’ve talked with us, and we’ve listened. You’ve said:

  • You need business answers.
  • You need technical resources.
  • You need to drive more value into your organization for each dollar spent on I.T.
  • You need more productivity from your organization.
  • You need line-of-business and I.T. to be in sync.

Those needs are why Tegra goes to work each day. And it’s why we created our Workshop program.

Tegra’s Workshop program is based in those needs we just discussed as well. We’ve listened to you and other business professionals across a territory stretching from London, England to Sydney, Australia. And as close as Bay Street, Nassau.

Tegra’s Workshop program addresses real needs and supplies answers to real questions, like those above, and like these:

  • Q: How can I get more productivity and more capabilities out of my iSeries?
  • A: Tegra’s i5/OS Review Workshop.
  • Q: How can I drive more value out of my infrastructure – giving my organization more computing capabilities for the money we’ve invested, or are planning to invest?
  • A: Tegra’s Infrastructure Architecture Assessment Workshop.
  • Q: How can our business realize real savings with Cloud Computing – and how can it fit, securely, within our organization?
  • A: Tegra’s Cloud Computing Assessment.
  • Q: How can I improve communications and collaboration between my organization and my I.T. Department?
  • A: Tegra’s Synergy Workshop.

You’ve told us your organization is moving fast to increase profit, push out costs, improve organizational efficiency, gain value from your current IT investments, and increase synergy

We listened – and Tegra’s Workshop program can help!