Backup and Recovery

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Losing your organization’s data due to an unexpected storm, loss of power, fire, system failure – or just human error – could have a tremendous impact on your organization’s ability to function.

Losing even a single e-mail can (and has) proven to be the linchpin that keeps someone out of (or sends some to) bankruptcy court or jail. Lost data means lost clients, lost time, lost reputation, and lost money. This is especially true in today’s 24x7x365 business world.

The same is true for a well-architected, documented, and tested data restoration program. Having your organization’s data backed-up is good, but unless you can quickly, accurately, and precisely restore the exact data your organization needs, the results could well be disastrous. But that’s just the start.

Beyond “just” backup and restore, there are other data storage questions that throw light on the complexities of today’s data storage/restoration options:

  • Where does cloud backup fit in your organization’s backup/restore architecture?
  • Is it time your firm, got out of the tape backup business?
  • Is your organization’s backup/restore environment architected to meet the performance deadlines of your production environment and systems?
  • Should your firm consider dick-to-disk backup to keep production systems online 24×7?
  • Should your organization consider using wide area network (WAN) optimization to speed-up offsite data backup and restoration?
  • Could locally cached data, stored in an onsite appliance, help your firm maintain data backups while increasing data availability?
  • Has your organization considered Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) to drive down storage costs while increasing data availability?

As you can see, there is plenty to think about. That is why having a trusted partner like Tegra, one with decades of experience in backup and recovery, is essential. You can never expect the unexpected, but with Tegra by your side, you can be as prepared as possible to save your organization’s data, restore lost data, and keep your organization operating smoothly.

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