Business Impact Analysis

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Are you prepared for an application outage? Do you know the true financial impact of a key application outage to your organization? How much data can your firm afford to lose?

A Business Impact Analysis (BIA) from Tegra is a comprehensive, systematic process in which we gather and analyze data and information about your firm’s essential functions and processes (applications, data, networks, computer systems, facilities, etc.). Tegra’s professionals then use this information to determine how your organization would be impacted if those same applications, functions, and processes were interrupted by an infrastructure failure or outage, or by a disaster.

In addition, Tegra’s BIA analysis and report will significantly increase senior and executive management’s awareness about, and interest in, application and infrastructure high availability and disaster recovery. It will also give them the detailed financial information they need when approving availability and recovery expenditures.

A Business Impact Analysis also forms the bedrock of Tegra’s “Encompass Recovery” (ER) program. Encompass Recovery delivers the detailed information, architectures, and designs you need to plan and execute every step of a practical, actionable outage or Disaster Recovery plan.

Tegra’s BIA program has been handcrafted by experienced IT executives with decades of experience in computer operations and risk management.

A Tegra BIA will provide you with reliable information and insights concerning the potential impacts and costs of infrastructure or application outages, or the multiple impacts of a disaster. In addition, Tegra’s BIA will establish the basis for establishing recovery priorities for your organization’s IT department, and will guide your firm in selecting appropriate availability and/or recovery strategies.

Specifically, Tegra’s BIA program will help you answer a number of essential and significant questions, including:

  • Which IT systems, applications, and processes are really essential to the survival of the organization?
  • How much data can we afford to lose from those systems?
  • How long an outage can we afford before loses to us financially, or to our reputation, become grievous?
  • What are the interdependencies among all of your IT systems, applications, and processes?
  • In the event of an outage or disaster, in what order and how fast do specific IT systems, applications, and processes need to be recovered?
  • What constitutes a disaster in your organization? Have you identified all the potential risks?
  • How well does our organization’s high availability and disaster recovery programs stack-up against industry Best Practices?
  • How up-to-date are our high availability and disaster recovery programs?

As a key part of Tegra’s Encompass Recovery program, a BIA sets the stage for producing the sort of enterprise-wide contingency plan you know your organization needs and deserves. The BIA also ensures that the organization focuses directly on what it would need in order to survive when, outages or disaster strike.

Talk to your Tegra representative about our Business Impact Analysis and Encompass Recovery program today — before the next outage occurs!