Cloud Computing Assessment

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Cloud computing. Nothing since the evolution of the Internet has shaken the Information Technology world like cloud computing. Capabilities and cost models undreamed of just two years ago are now employed daily by thousands of companies and organizations in the Western Hemisphere. Tegra’s Stratus Workshop program tackles cloud computing head-on, answering questions such as:

  • How can cloud computing fit in our organization?
  • What is real and what is hype in cloud computing?
  • What are the real and true costs of cloud?
  • What new capabilities and options do cloud-based applications give my organization?

Stratus is based on decades of hands-on IT and business experience and is available in The Bahamas only from Tegra Solutions, Ltd. Ask us about Stratus today!

We can assure you of one thing you will not find in Tegra’s Stratus Cloud Workshop: hype. Stratus is the latest descendant of Tegra’s 10-year old Synergy Workshop framework used by corporations worldwide. Synergy and Stratus are open, platform- and vendor-agnostic, and free of hype and product dog-and-pony shows. Stratus Workshops are also highly flexible and customizable.

Stratus Workshops use this flexible framework to bring you cloud computing at the business or organizations level(s). We look across your organization, into your IT department, and we map what we find to industry best practices and our own proven Synergy models. We then map what we find to focused, specific uses of cloud technology.

We can also look for and analyze specific cloud solutions of interest to your organization. Simply put: inside the IT department or outside of it, if it involves cloud computing, it can be included in your Stratus Workshop.

The results?

Start with a customized report showing, step-by-step how cloud computing could be used in your organization. Move on to a detailed plan of what specific actions your firm should employ to take advantage of cloud computing. (Just because cloud computing can do something for your firm, doesn’t mean your firm has the IT capabilities, skills, processes, procedures, or infrastructure or software required to leverage that particular aspect of cloud.) We will give you a detailed report showing the gap analysis (and steps necessary) to take your IT department to an even higher level of performance and service, leveraging cloud technology, where applicable.

Employing the same rigorous process and standards of all of Tegra’s Synergy deliverables, Stratus reports are highly actionable, practical, and forward looking. They are also free of boilerplate generalities. Clouds may be amorphous – Stratus Workshop reports are hard-hitting and grounded.

Ask your Tegra executive to arrange an introductory call about Stratus Workshops for you today.