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You rely on i5/OS everyday – and so does your organization. Yet our experience at Tegra has shown that many IBM i5 customers have yet to really exploit all of the capabilities of the amazing hardware and software that is IBM i5. Tegra’s “Inside I” Assessment was specifically created to solve that problem. This unique assessment addresses and answers issues and questions such as:

  • How else can my organization benefit from the capabilities of i5 and IBM Power hardware and software?
  • Are there opportunities to drive costs out of my current data processing environment?
  • What are the real options (and costs) for high availability in my i5 environment?
  • How well does my IT department in general and my i5 environment specifically stack-up against industry best practices?

“Inside I” is based-on decades of hands-on IT, i5/OS, and business experience and was designed by one of the most widely published authors on i5 technology, Kris Neely – Tegra Solutions’ own Senior Vice President and CTO. “Inside I” is available in The Bahamas only from Tegra Solutions, Ltd. Ask us about “Inside I” today!

The capabilities of i5/OS, or IBM i as today’s IBMers call it, integrates a trusted combination of relational database, security, Web services, networking and storage management capabilities all in one machine and one operating system (OS). The same machine and OS that also delivers a broad and highly stable database and middleware foundation for efficiently deploying business-processing applications.

The same machine and OS that employs a virtual networking capability that alone can save your organization thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. The same machine and OS that can simplify vexing problems like Single Sign-On, server virtualization, storage virtualization, network virtualization, peripheral virtualization, Virtual Private Network (VPN), workload management, and more.

There’s no doubt that the list of i5 (IBM i) capabilities is impressive – and amazing – if you know them all.

That is where “Inside I” comes into the picture. This assessment, available only from Tegra Solutions, was handcrafted to evaluate your organizations use of the machine and OS that is today’s i5 and look for opportunities you may have overlooked to leverage the capabilities of this incredible computer. We dive deep into the capabilities of i5; we look into the capabilities and skills of your IT staff; we explore the current state of your IT operations processes and procedures and we map those against industry standards. The results?

A detailed written report of opportunities for your organization to exploit the machine and OS that are i5. We combine that with an IT Operations Capability scorecard that shows your specific areas of your IT environment that have opportunities for improving their current levels of IT support or skills. Skills that can help your firm get the most out of your i5 investment.

Ask your Tegra executive to arrange an introductory call about “Inside I” for you today.