Infrastructure Architecture Assessment

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You rely on your IT infrastructure everyday – and so does your organization. You have invested tens, perhaps hundreds of thousands of dollars into the servers, storage, network, and other aspects of your IT department’s infrastructure. Yet our experience at Tegra has shown that many organizations have not optimized their IT infrastructure. Tegra’s Infrastructure Assessment was specifically created to address that problem. This powerful, comprehensive assessment uncovers answers to issues and questions such as:

  • How else can my organization benefit from virtualization technologies?
  • Are there opportunities to drive costs out of my current infrastructure model?
  • What are the real options (and costs) for high availability in my infrastructure strategy?
  • How well does my IT department stack-up against industry infrastructure operations best practices?
  • Is my infrastructure really giving my organization its best performance and throughput?
  • Can I leverage cloud to supplement or replace parts of my infrastructure? What about blade technology?

Tegra’s Infrastructure Assessment is based-on decades of hands-on IT operations experience and is available in The Bahamas only from Tegra Solutions, Ltd. Ask about it today!

Infrastructure represents a huge investment by your organization. Infrastructure is also multi-layered and highly complex. That has been the situation for decades. Yet today’s infrastructure also includes topics like server, storage, and device virtualization, cloud computing, and blade technologies.

Today’s infrastructure may also have to co-exist with multiple operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and AIX or i5/OS, just to name a few, in the same environment. Then there are issues such as load balancing, high availability, and failover technologies that combine with detailed strategies on the same topics to make sure your infrastructure and the applications it supports are there when your users need them. These days, that may well be 24x7x365, too!

These are just some of the reasons why we created Tegra’s Infrastructure Assessment. Because we know, from decades of hands-on IT experience, just how critical infrastructure is to organizations large and small.

By now, you might be asking what about the results, the deliverables, from Tegra’s Infrastructure Assessment? We’re glad you asked. We start with a detailed written report of opportunities for your organization to exploit all the capabilities of the infrastructure you own today – and need tomorrow. We combine that with an IT Infrastructure and Operations Capability scorecard that shows your specific areas of your IT operations and infrastructure environments that have opportunities for improvement, based-on industry best practices. We will also detail any clear opportunities for leveraging cloud in your infrastructure, as well. You have to admit – that is a comprehensive assessment report.

Ask your Tegra executive to arrange an introductory call about Tegra’s Infrastructure Assessment for you today!