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Tegra’s Synergy Workshop program is unique: adaptable, flexible, and powerful, Synergy has been tested around the world in firms large and small, in a host of industries, for over a decade.

  • A highly flexible and adaptable framework, Synergy is highly efficient at locating opportunities for organizations to achieve better IT and line-of-business (LoB) alignment, driving costs out of your model and driving efficiencies up.
  • Leveraged another way, Synergy can quickly and accurately generate a gap analysis between the current state of your IT environment and an industry best practices-driven model.
  • Employed yet another way, Synergy helps senior and executive management understand where there may be opportunities for improvement in their IT environment, and how to implement specific measures to gain that improvement.

Synergy is based on decades of hands-on IT and business experience and is available in The Bahamas only from Tegra Solutions, Ltd. Ask us about Synergy today!

An adaptable framework for looking at information technology and its relationships and service to line-of-business (LoB). A simple, yet comprehensive model for seeing where opportunities for improvement exist in information technology (IT). A comprehensive model for building a true IT strategy. These are what every executive dreams about.

However, where do you find them – and their results and answers? Only at Tegra Solutions with our Synergy Workshop program.

Whether the focus is IT, LOB, or both, using Synergy’s custom on-line tooling, detailed models, F2F interviews, and comprehensive analysis, your Synergy workshop can be conducted in a matter of a few hours, or over the course of a few days – the duration and depth is completely customizable to the needs of your organization.

Organizations ranging from business to government worldwide have leveraged Synergy. Synergy is easily adaptable to meet the scale and scope of almost any sized environment — from organizations encompassing key divisions of national and international companies to IT shops with as few as three employees.

But what about the results, the deliverables, of Synergy? Start with a customized report showing, step-by-step how your organization stacks-up against industry best practices. Move on to a detailed plan of what specific actions your firm should employ to take your IT department to an even higher level of performance and service. Synergy reports are highly actionable, practical, and forward looking. They are also free of boilerplate generalities. In addition, Synergy is open, platform- and vendor-agnostic, and free of product dog-and-pony shows.

Ask your Tegra executive to arrange an introductory call about Synergy Workshops for you today.