Project Management

What is Tegra’s Project Management Office (PMO)?

Tegra is committed to the success of your organization and its projects. The two sides of Tegra’s Project Management Office (PMO) – Project Management and Business Analysis – stand ready to help your organization fine-tune your organization’s business or IT performance, and/or launch, direct, and conclude projects ranging from routine to complex with complete satisfaction.

How it Works

When you have a project that has to be completed on-time, on-budget, and with minimal disruption to your staff and environment, Think Tegra First. Our experienced Project Management and Business Analysis specialists stand ready to perform the detailed Business Analysis or Project Management tasks necessary for a satisfactory conclusion. We will sit down with your staff and document the exact requirements of your particular project to avoid even the slightest misunderstanding of your project’s goals, requirements, and objectives. In addition, each project we manage or analysis we perform is backed by Tegra’s guarantee of 100% client satisfaction.

Business Analysis / Requirements Analysis

At Tegra, we believe that, as a discipline, business analysis and requirements analysis often overlap – and with good reason. A survey of projects that have failed will often show that lack of proper requirements definition and documentation was a root cause to the overall project’s demise. At Tegra, our experience and training guides us to avoid pitfalls like those. We focus on identifying and documenting exactly and completely what an organization requires for it to achieve its unique strategic goal(s). From changes to strategies, structures, policies, processes, and/or information systems, at Tegra we know business analysis and requirements analysis.

Project Management

At its most basic, Project Management is “the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources to achieve specific goals” and at Tegra our project management professionals are committed to helping your organization achieve those goals. What sets Tegra apart, however, is our commitment to detail. Our goal is not to achieve some or most of a project’s goals – but all its goals, on-time and on-budget. Even under budget if possible. Our project management professionals do this by using time-tested and proven processes and methodologies to not only achieve all of a project’s goals and objectives, but do so while also honoring the project’s defined constraints and assumptions of scope, time, quality, and budget. That is the Tegra way.

At Tegra, we believe our 10-Way Project Management Launch Model helps get projects off the ground in a smooth, controlled, professional manner. The ten steps are:

  1. Define the project objective.
  2. Gain agreement from client on definition and objective.
  3. Identify and gain support of client stakeholders.
  4. Develop a draft, detailed statement of work (SoW).
  5. Gain agreement from client on SoW.
  6. Create and communicate the project vision to the client team.
  7. Oversee development of a plan to meet the objective.
  8. Gain agreement from client on outline of plan to meet the objective.
  9. Set-up a project management information system for tracking project progress.
  10. Assess risks and develop contingency plans.

Notice how, at Tegra, we believe in staying in agreement with our clients. That is why three of the ten steps above start with “Gain agreement.” Feedback, communication, synchronicity – the keys to a smooth running project. That is the Tegra Way.

Choose Tegra

Tegra knows business analysis and project management. These disciplines aren’t something we do – it’s who we are. The experts in our PMO have worked with some of the biggest names in international business, including IBM, Levi Strauss, Bank of America, Atlantis, Mirage Resorts, and more and bring years of hands-on project and business analysis experience to the table.