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Today, organizations of all sizes and in all industries face far more advanced, complex security threats than ever in history. Additionally, worldwide, regulations and identity security requirements have mushroomed. Add to that the more complex, intricately architected IT environments of today combined with an almost constant state of business and organizational change and the result can be chaos from a security perspective.

Tegra’s Comprehensive Operational Asset Security Techniques (COAST) program presents an end-to-end approach to protecting your organization’s IT assets and data in a disciplined, architecture-driven approach using the best operational models and practices available today.

COAST uses industry best practices, proven security tooling, comprehensive policies, procedures, and technology controls combined with a process-based, hands-on, proactive approach to understanding and managing security and risk in your organization.

With COAST, your staff works side-by-side with Tegra’s Security Consultants:

  • To safeguard end-to-end systems and data security
  • To plan for and achieve data and systems security compliance readiness
  • To protect your company’s reputation and market share
  • To maintain (and perhaps enhance) the privacy of sensitive information in your organization
  • To manage risk to assure business agility, integrity, and growth
  • To ensure systems and application security as are effective as possible

How do we accomplish those tasks? Again, with COAST. It is architected to accomplish a simple yet comprehensive set of objectives:

  • To understand your unique business objectives
  • To comprehend your firm’s level of risk avoidance
  • To know your IT environment from end-to-end
  • To understand any regulatory and compliance requirements your organization faces
  • To grasp and maintain a deep awareness of the threats facing your organization
  • To remain up-to-date on best practices and strategies for IT asset and data protection
  • To leverage the expertise of our consultants and Security Business Partners to recommend cost-effective solutions

That’s COAST, only from Tegra.

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