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Tegra Education

The time, energy and money invested in technical and business training can provide significant career and earning benefits for individuals, and can improve productivity for companies. The rate of change in the IT industry is still increasing, resulting in a continuous need for employees with the knowledge and skills to make new and evolving technologies provide value to the organization. Individuals who stay on top of technological advancements through training and certification programs can experience greater career opportunities than those who do not continuously develop their knowledge.

Tegra’s goal is to enhance the skill and expertise levels of IT professionals, helping them in acquiring and maintaining the necessary skills to move your business forward.

Building a Strong Curriculum

Select from more than 200 courses that span from introduction level to highly specialized training and certification preparation.

Delivery Options

We deliver via classroom, virtual classroom and self-paced e-learning. From time to time, we bring the classrooms right to your location, allowing your organizations to save on travelling expenses. All these delivery options enable you to choose when, where, and how you want it.

Partnerships Alliances

We maintain partnership status with leading Training Organizations to ensure our training features the latest technologies and trends.

Tailored Solutions

By taking the time to understand your training needs and requirements, we are able to tailor specific training paths for each of your employees, thus maximizing the benefits of high-quality and targeted training.