Your organization depends on its data, its files, and their access. That’s why we build tegraVAULT BUSINESS PLUS. For organizations of 5 or more members, tegraVAULT BUSINESS PLUS offers all you could want in state-of-the-art on-line cloud backup of your data and files.

tegraVAULT BUSINESS PLUS provides a complete cloud storage solution for your organization. You can back-up all of the PCs in your office, and your team can access their files from anywhere, share files, and collaborate on documents all with ONE solution, for one low price per month.

With tegraVAULT BUSINESS PLUS you have complete centralized control over your organization’s files – you can set up individual permissions, control sharing, and monitor any part of the system.

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Included user accounts5 users
Included cloud storage space5TB+
Online backup for all your office computers
Monitor backups centrally on the web
Easily restore files from the cloud or using our free restore software
Online backup for NAS and network storage devices
Provide each user with their own private storage space
Setup Team Folders for group working and collaboration
Sync files between all of your office PCs and Macs
View files from anywhere online
View files on the move with our iOS, Windows 8 & Android apps
Share files with people outside the organization
Build your own sharing portal at www.yourorganization.tegravault.com
Control everything online from your central admin portal
Set-up individual permissions for every user
Turn-on and turn-off features for certain users
Safe and secure, using 256-bit military grade data encryption
Works on Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or later
Add additional users$12.99/month*
Add an additional 1TB of cloud storage space$8.99/month*
Brand the web portal and sharing pages with your logo and content
Access your cloud files using FTP, SFTP and WebDAV
Price only….$94.50/month*